Thursday, June 17, 2010

Samsung LED TV UN46B8000 - Where to find LED and Internet technology and

As in my previous review of the Samsung TV UN46B6000 may have read, I was very satisfied with the implementation of the new Samsung LED TV Standard imprint technology. If you see any possibility for the last post, probably the LED de facto standard in television production in the coming years is to be. The reason for this is that plasma TVs and LCD TVs up to amazing amount of use of electricity to illuminate their ads. This has obvious knock-on effect on your electricity increasedBill did not, the additional environmental damage, as more people around the world buy this kind of television talk.

LED technology reduces fuel consumption by about 40%, which saves a lot. The other advantage is that the LED is a more realistic picture of real black and white screen pristine.

The advantages of the Samsung UN46B8000 on UN46B6000
A look at the two screens do not give many differences between thetwo models except the price tag. So what are the extra $ investment? - Connectivity! 8000 "allows you to access the Internet on your TV, and with it the joys of YouTube, and enjoy your photos on Flickr in a new way across the screen great. As our daily lives more connected to the Internet, whether through social or work or study in order to increase the need Internet experience through various media.

The Samsung can UN46B8000Internet experience for a new type of hub in your living room. 8000 has also jumped slightly ahead of 6000 in terms of contrast ratio, 5,000,000:1 in the model 8000 is an incredible variety of light and produce images that look incredibly realistic. Like his brother, who UN46B6000, the screen is incredibly thin - only 1.2inches - to compare to regular LCD and plasma screens and can be seen in any case, this may look like the 8000 much moresleeker than its contemporaries.

If you buy the Samsung or UN46B6000 UN46B8000?
The choice whether to go or for UN46B6000 UN46B8000 is usually if you depend on a major user of the Internet or not. If you're like most people spend most time online is based, I think, it seems foolhardy not to splash the few extra dollars for 8000, which will be a more integrated part of your digital lifestyle. However, if you wanttelevision on a flight around the world online and sufficient for the primary purpose of watching movies and sports, so the UN46B6000 should be used. I think the contrast ratio greater than 8000 is only interested stakeholders to use the TV for the game and also in view of sports frenzy.

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