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Mitsubishi WD-60735 60-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV for Too low to display

Cheap Mitsubishi WD-60735 60-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV Discount Review Shop

We decided to go HD after a long time of waiting. We, for a very long time, used a Toshiba Rear-projection TV at 50" in our living room. We decided that we would need a TV large enough to take the place of that TV and to make it not look so small. DLP is the right choice for this since you can get a much larger screen size at a lower cost than LCD or Plasma. Since we had good luck with our other rear-projection, we figured that we would have good luck with this TV. Having it for a month now, there have been no issues and our view experience is great. The matted screen makes glares much less harsh (our old TV had a glossy screen). The wight of this TV is extremely light for its size, our friend has a 42" LCD which is much heavier than this. As long as you're planning to put the TV on a stand, the lack of it being a flat panel shouldn't be a big deal. 1080p content through our Xbox 360 is very detailed and sharp and the TV never lags behind nor have I seen any "rainbow effect" from this TV during normal viewing. The only con with this TV is the build in speakers to the TV are very tinny and all around subpar. Although if you use this TV hooked up to an AV receiver you will have no issues, you buy a TV for the picture, not the sound. All around I am very happy we bought this TV. I've had nothing but good luck with Mitsubishi, in fact, we still own an old Mitsubishi console color TV from the early 80s that works perfectly. You should have no regrets in buying this DLP HDTV.

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Cheap "Mitsubishi WD-60735 60-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV" Discount Review Shop

"Mitsubishi WD-60735 60-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV" Feature

  • Experience is brought to life through timeless design
  • A pursuit for quality and commitment to innovation
  • Puts the focus on the large-screen DLP HDTVs
  • Exclusive 6-Color Processor
  • Features 3 HDMI 1.3 Inputs with Consumer Device Control

"Mitsubishi WD-60735 60-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV" Overview

The Mitsubishi experience is brought to life through timeless design, a pursuit for quality and commitment to innovation while never losing sight of what matters most to our customers. This is the Mitsubishi philosophy, evident in our 735 Series

Customer Reviews

Get a real warranty! - Timothy G Hall -
Be warned, the warranty that comes with the unit is not really worth having. Our unit went out 10 months into a 12 month warranty. The service company was professional and responsive, at first. After the "triage" visit, they determined that the motherboard is bad. The motherboard is on backorder from Mitsu and we effectively have lost 6 weeks and counting. As a result I went back to the retailer of the tv, and learned that for about 9 I could have received a comprehensive warranty that covers wear and tear, replacement bulbs, and a quick repair/replace option. I wish I would have bought the warranty!

60'' dlp hdtv by mitsubishi - M. Castorr -
i have had my 60'' Mitsubishi for a little over 2 years now and its on all day every day the picture look good on dishnetwork thats not in HD but my xbox 360 and ps3 in HD look very clear and sharp
i have a 42'' lcd phillips it's 3 years old it look's very good too but my dish looks worse on it blurr's in dark picture's the video games look very good in HD
the sound is not that gr8 but if your buying a big tv like this you should have home theater sound system i have had no problems with my Mitsubishi yet
there very cheap when you think of lcd and plasma prices of the same size tv and the replacement bulbs are only 100.00 very cheap
i will be buying another Mitsubishi dlp tv i love mine i just need to pick between the 73'' and 82''
if you have the space in your home for a big tv buy one of Mitsubishi's very nice tvs you will be very happy but if your room has lots of sun light the picture on dlp tv's fades out in lots of light go with a lcd tv
i put dark blinds on my windows for watching movies and gaming hope this help any one thinking of buying one of these dlp hdtvs from Mitsubishi

Simple short review - Shepherd - Michigan, USA
I agree with the first 2 displayed Customer reviews have listed. I would only like to add/mention that using mostly bright and brilliant video settings my bulb only lasted 13 months at approx. 8 hours of viewing time per day. Less then the advertised 4000 hours, but still a very cheap fix (0) still making DLP much more affordable the LCD LED or Plasma TVs.

I am very happy with my purchase.

lovin this tv - Michelle R. Harris - texas
I love my mitsubishi tv i am not a big sport fan but i do like movies i am not impressed with blue ray dvds . But i do watch dvd movies all i can say is they look great i have directtv with hd channels i set my hd box to 1080p and my channels are crystal clear. my husband let me pick the tv and i decided not to waste another 00 for lcd and all that stuff i guess i am a litlle old fashion. when we didn't know about lcd and plasma then the dlp was all the rage . well i can see the picture clear and the color is great plus for the length of time these tvs last why waste more money for the lcd or plasma. this is my second big screen tv the last one only lasted for 5 years we are currently looking for a part to have it repaired so far the cheapest part is 0 we are on our fourth month waiting for the part. my old tv 32 in which is 12yrs old has never need a part and did i mention it is 12yrs old the color is great everyone who sees it asks us how much we paid for it 0.00 12yrs ago. my kids play xbox 360 and wii systems on it. my last big screen two bulbs and a fan now some sort of board . it cost over 00 originally .

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Cheap "Mitsubishi WD-60735 60-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV" Discount Review Shop

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