Friday, April 6, 2012

Samsung C9000 HDTV and Touch Remote , Internet@TV Samsung Ap

Link: The Samsung C9000 Touch Remote, which comes with the new LE 9000 sets, connects over your Wi-Fi network to control the TV. The screen is vibrant and high-contrast. Use the touch remote to control programming guides and your TV via infrared. You can also take advantage of the "twin mode" using Wi-Fi so you can watch what you're TV has on screen on your remote. The remote works over a Wi-Fi router and can pull not only the same show the consumer is watching on the screen, it can also act like a picture-in-picture window letting you see what else is playing at the moment. Since it works over IR, it can be programmed to be a universal remote for all your living room appliances. But because it also works over Wi-Fi, you can pull media off your computer using DLNA and play it on your big screen TV.

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