Saturday, November 5, 2011

Exploring Thai Life in 3D (Version 2.0)

At Thailand's heart is Bangkok with a mixture of opposites. There's the mix of east and west, the traditional with the modern and the city with the country. If you were to say 'Bangkok' to five different people who have been here, and ask them to say the first thing that comes to mind, you would probably get five different answers. They might talk about the vibrant night life. Maybe they would mention the fantastic and varied food. Perhaps they would talk about the unique culture and heritage the city has, or perhaps, if they are anything like me, they might mention the excellent golf. But the thing about Bangkok is that they would all be right, and the one thing that they could all agree on would be their appreciation for this city of contrast. Thhe video was shot by Al Caudullo using the amazing Panasonic AG3DA1. This fist of its kind 3D professional 3D camera delivers fantastic 3D. It is the only 3D camera capable of "run and gun" videography. Download this video for free to play on your 3D HDTV at

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