Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3D printer

What is a 3D Printer?

3D printing machines were also known as rapid prototyping. It is a computerized machine, the physical model of three-dimensional objects produced by printing alternate layers. 3D printer prototypes have been developed in the mid 80s in order to support developers in the production. Now he is in a wide range of industries, jewelry, shoes, entertainment, medicine, dentistry used includearchitectural industries, automotive and aerospace industries.

The possible advantages of this 3D printer is well known for improving the quality of the product. product developers authorized this machine to provide feedback to validate design concepts and see the potential problems early in the development cycle.

Unlike traditional stereo-lithography, 3D printing is optimized fast, low cost and ease of use. E 'enough for a perfect display in the design phase Construction plans, where mechanical strength is the prototype of minor importance.

In the 3D printing are toxic chemicals needed stereolithography contrast to that used to be distributed, this technique is performed with the use of print head inkjet to apply the link to the whole of resin powder.

Tips for evaluating 3D printer

You have to start request to the printer manufacturer for a full demonstration of the 3D target> 3D printing process and obtain information on operations and maintenance requirements. Trying to use it yourself and watch the printing process, you will learn more about time and effort required to collect perform all procedures.

Quality model evaluation presses against the intended use is needed very open and hard. If you want to use the models in client presentations, you will have color and the fastest speed possible. EvaluatingYour designs and requirements modeling, you can determine whether the acquisition of a 3D printer is the right step for you.

If you've decided to make sure the hidden costs and all other matters not discussed the question in all publications, or addressed by the dealer. Many questions to guide your goals to reduce costs to those that improve product quality and accelerate time-to-market.

The application of 3D printing

The three DPrinting technology is considered today the bodies of biotechnology and schools for potential use in tissue engineering applications in which parts of the body and organs through the use of ink jet technologies have been built. This layer of living cells is deposited into a mediocre gel and gradual institution capable of forming a three-dimensional structure.

In the future, enable applications for the mobile family in a contemporary hope that the text isThe combination of 3D printers and the reprocessing units. With the help of 3D scanning technologies, this allows the mirror replica of the real object, not the molded containers that are carried out in an aggressive manner can be much more expensive, more difficult and very different instances.

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