Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 5 HDTVs for 2010

If you have not bought a new TV for 4 or 5 years, then 2010 is the year to do it. The future of television is to improve service quality improved, thinness and 3D. CES 2010 in Las Vegas was closed on 10 January. After a closer look at high definition televisions on display, we have outlined the trends in 2010 and the closest most exciting start this year.

After a year of speculation, the TV manufacturers have confirmed that the top 3D 2010 is the year ofTelevision - with companies like LG, Sony, Toshiba and Samsung announced the 3D television sets in April its sales in the UK on. With the announcement that Sky broadcast will be available from October to 3D, we strongly recommend that if you put on investment planning in a new HDTV, go for a 3D one.

OLED is set to be the next big step in image quality. The only problem is that manufacturers such as LG can only OLED TV is as big as 15 inches, but weExpect large quantities in the years to see the technology as an inevitable progress. OLED (which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode), produces super sharp images with quality and definition.

So, this is small enough to talk. Let's get down, our list of the best HDTV in stores by 2010 in ...

LG LE9500 Infinia 3D-Ready LCD TV

For those who are fortunate enough to be at this year's CES show that LG model were 6.9 mm in the worldSlimmest LCD TV. LG LE9500 Infinia 3D Widget-Ready LCD TV is equipped with an arsenal of innovations Yahoo! that 3D-ready support the features of Skype and media streaming from Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Napster and .. be as thin as possible without sacrificing the sound quality - With this model, design conventions TV LG LED, turn it into actual speakers broken.

Toshiba Cell TV

used in addition to using the same processor typefor offers native 3D-capable PlayStation 3, Toshiba has put together for its next generation of HDTV with all the features you've always dreamed of. Toshiba also claims that, thanks to a new technology called Cell Trivector, TV series, the contents of converting 2D content into 3D in real time. No demo was available, so we have to wait for our review today.

Samsung LED 9000 series

The 900 series is the next generation of Samsung LED LCD TV and the pride ofSamsung C9000 is perhaps one of the most elaborate television series we've ever seen on the set. This is how we understand the smoothness C900: the pattern is the same width as the number two pencil. The Samsung C900 is a 3D course and will also contribute to the realization of 2D content in 3D, no demo available again.

LG 15-inch OLED TV

Despite its size, the LG 15-inch OLED TV OLED TV, the highest so far, but for some years and we are 26, 36, to see 47-inch OLED TV. OLEDOLED is the future of HDTV, LG produces super sharp pictures with them and picture quality is absolutely extraordinary.

Sony Bravia TV 3D

As expected, Sony and flu hit 3D, which contaminated the world's leading producer of the television and also introduced a new series of 3D TVs at CES this year. Sony offers three different lines of 3D Bravia HDTV. LX900 series, since this summer, is available in sizes up to 60 inches and includes aEdge-lit LED backlight system. Other features include 240Hz processing, integrated WiFi and two active shutter glasses for viewing 3D content. That 's what Sony is a monolithic industrial design with a glass surface from edge to edge calls.

The consumer electronics giant, the wave 3D content to the launch of its first 3D-enabled Blu-ray WiFi connectivity and instant online streaming.

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