Saturday, September 25, 2010

LG 50PY3D 50" 720p Plasma HDTV for $915.99

Cheap LG 50PY3D 50" 720p Plasma HDTV Discount Review Shop

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Cheap "LG 50PY3D 50" 720p Plasma HDTV" Discount Review Shop

"LG 50PY3D 50" 720p Plasma HDTV" Feature

  • Features 50-Inch Plasma Integrated HDTV with Full HD
  • LG's Image Sticking Minimization Provides Protective Measures
  • LG's Exclusive XD engine uses six distinct processes to improve brightness, contrast, detail, and enhances color
  • LG Simplink allows for convient control of other LG Simplink products using the HDMI connection
  • Includes 3 HDMI/HDCP inputs, 2 HD Component Video inputs Digital Optical Audio Output

"LG 50PY3D 50" 720p Plasma HDTV" Overview

Six distinct processes contribute to picture improvement. LG's XD EngineTM takes the low resolution of analog signals to near HD levels by improving brightness, contrast, detail and enhancing color as well as reducing signal noise. This total solution results in cinema-like high resolution images.

Customer Reviews

Great set, shakey service - Spartan Child -
This TV has an amazing picture from every source that I have hooked up to it (Comcast HD, XBox 360, PS3 & Blu Ray). That's the end of the good news.

The customer service folks from LG are not all that helpful and you'll get transfered a few times before getting to the TV Warrany people. I spent 55 minutes on the phone during my last experience, the majority of that time was spent listening to elevator music, waiting to get an appointment with one of their authorized repair goons. My Amazing picture has been amazingly broken for 37 days now ... they've made two attempts to fix it and both failed (well, actually, one succeeded for about 4 hours), the remainder of that 37 days has been spent waiting on backorder parts and rescheduling appointments.

Hopefully yours will not break down because LG, although they claim to be the greatest company since sliced peanut butter, do not blink at allowing a customer to sit with a broken product for over a month during the holidays. I purchased two LCD TV's for Christmas and you can bet your sweet rear that they do not have an "LG" label on them.

Did I already mention that it looked great while it worked (almost a whole year).

Available at Amazon

Cheap "LG 50PY3D 50" 720p Plasma HDTV" Discount Review Shop

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